Vote for your favourite blurb

With Habitat Man due to be published at the end of this year, we’re looking at choosing a final blurb for the book. Want to help us choose? Let us know which version you prefer! Version 1 Tim is fifty, single and in a job he hates. As a result of a life-coaching session, Tim

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Research for book reveals plastic-backed meadow mat

Many people buy wildflower turf or meadow mats thinking they are helping nature and improving biodiversity, but they don’t realise that almost all of them have plastic backing. Suppliers say they break down, but they don’t, they break up into micro plastics which are even worse for wildlife. I found this out when I was

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Feedback on opening chapters

Feel free to check out two chapters (ten pages) of the novel Habitat Man, written to  share green solutions across a wide readership to engage those who wouldn’t dream of watching a green documentary. Hope you enjoy, and please give feedback. The opening chapter is https://pageturnerawards.com/writing-award-2021/habitat-man Here is draft opening chapter of the sequel (spoiler

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