Media Appearances

TV appearances

BBC News 5 minute interview on the 26th November 2016 Interview about Fidel Castro

Several appearances on local TV stations (BBC South Today, ITV Meridian) 2013-2016 on sustainable hairdressing project

Radio appearances

BBC Solent: 26th September 2023. Talking about Habitat Man and Murder in the Citizens Jury

WHMP ‘Talk the Talk’ US radio show February 2023, listen here (1 hour into 9th Feb show).

BBC Radio Solent Dec 2022 talking about No More Fairy Tales: Stories to Save Our Planet

BBC Radio Solent March 2022 talking about Green Stories Video Competition

BBC Radio Solent October 2021 talking about my book Habitat Man

Radio 4 2015 Good News is No News

Numerous talks on local radio stations 2013 – 2019 on sustainability-related projects


Dec 2023 How To Write The Future with Beth Barany: Inspire Green Behaviors with Denise Baden, Part 2

Dec 2023 How To Write The Future with Beth Barany: What is Thrutopia with Denise Baden, Part 1

October 2023 Climate Confident podcast with Tom Raftery and Tina Fawcett: website https://www.climateconfidentpodcast.com/1329991/13835346-tackling-climate-crisis-do-personal-carbon-allowances-hold-the-key

Sept 2023 Climate One Podcast. ‘Fairytales and Fear: Stories of Our Future’.

June 2023 Climify https://www.climatedesigners.org/edu/climifypodcast/butterfly-mind-envisioning-literary-worlds-of-sustainable-societies

May 2023 https://accidentalgods.life/no-more-fairy-stories-writing-the-way-through-one-tale-at-a-time-with-denise-baden/

May 2023 Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing Ep 304 ‘Narrative Transportation’ Listen here.

February 2023, Climate Confident podcast on citizens’ juries as a climate solution. Listen here.

January 2023. Climate Confident podcast on ‘No More Fairy Tales: Stories to Save Our Planet. Listen here.

Dec 2022 Passionate writing podcast, listen here.

Jan 2022 Pencils and Lipstick podcast, listen here.

Nov 2021 Alliance of Independent Authors podcast: Inspirational Indie Author Interview with Denise Baden: Climate Fiction Author Seeks Optimistic Shade of Green

Nov 2021 The Creative Penn Podcast “Can stories save the world? Writing for the environment with Denise Baden”

July 2018 The Guardian Podcast: Why is positive news coverage so vital in today’s world?


Speaking at Responsible Media Forum, Oct 2022 along side BBC and Netflix sustainability managers on the role of scriptwriting in consumer culture.

Feb 2022 Sustainable Hairdressing 21 mins

Nov 2021 Writing for a Sustainable Future Workshop 4 mins

Oct 2021 Habitat Man Book Signing 1.3 mins

June 2018 Award-winning research Cutting carbon footprints in the service centre 4 mins

June 2018 Green Stories promo event 2 mins

Nov 2018 Sustainable Hairdressing ABS video 4 mins

April 2017 Sustainable Salon promo 3 mins

2013 TEDx talk What Hairdressers can tell us about sustainability 14 mins