Book Launch

On one level the book launch for Habitat Man was wonderful. I couldn’t invite as many as I’d wished due to Covid restrictions but the intimate group made for a lot of good will. I asked attendees to read out their favourite sections and in the end we had nine readings. It was a delight to hear my characters come to life and other people’s interpretations. It made me realise I definitely need an audio book, and I am now auditioning narrators. I had hoped to be able to share these readings here but there was last minute change of crew due to sickness and the rather inexperienced lad did something wrong and no sound was recorded at all. I’m really disappointed but console myself with the fact at least those who were there enjoyed it, and it did spur me onto to do the audio book. My talk was recorded though on someone’s phone so you can check it out here. Some attendees promised to do their readings again on their phones and send them in so I will share them as they become ready.

The next event to look forward to is the book signing at October Books on 20th November.