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Book club questions

  1. Would you like a friend like Jo? In chapter 1 Tim admits he can’t tell if Jo has his back or is just exploiting him. What do you think? Did your views change across the course of the book?
  2. Did you learn anything about green solutions or environmental issues? Did this book lead to any changes in your own behaviour such as gardening for wildlife, eating seasonal food or make you aware of greener options such as car sharing, home composting, composting toilets, natural burials etc.?
  3. Were you worried for Tim when he stood on top of Itchen Bridge? Do you think the author was implying he might jump, or was just feeling low?
  4. The book ends with an interesting configuration. What do you think happens next for Tim and Lori, bearing in mind the complicated web of relationships at play?
  5. Lori expresses a distrust of men who call themselves feminists. Is this fair?
  6. Do you think the outcome of the inquest was accurate or do you think that it was suspicious that the death of the guerrilla knitter was never registered?
  7. What did you think of the arguments for and against assisted suicide?
  8. What kind of man is Tim? What does this book say about being a man in the 21st century?  
  9. Many books are set in glamorous locations, but Habitat Man makes a point of showing how beauty and ecology can be attained even in an ordinary terraced back garden. Do you think the choice of Southampton as a location worked?
  10. Who would you choose to play Tim, Lori and Jo in a TV adaptation?