I have the opportunity to pitch a screenplay for development that includes climate solutions  – although it doesn’t necessarily have to be explicitly about climate change. Indeed they want TV series/films that will attract a mainstream audience (not just greenies).

I have several in development based on my own books/ideas. I’d welcome input into which to develop. You can read a brief outline of each below, and vote at the bottom.


Habitat Man

Tim chucks in his hated job to become Habitat Man, advising how to turn gardens into habitats for wildlife. His struggle to find love, purpose and meaning are threatened when he digs up a body in the garden,  one that threatens to bring out the skeletons in his cupboard too. The idea is to adapt the book for a long running 30 minute TV series. Story arcs exists for five seasons plus a prequel. Episode 1 draft here and outline of series is here.

The Assassin

Eight people in a citizen’s jury, discussing the most important challenge in the history of humanity – how to save ourselves from the looming climate crisis. Exciting new solutions are proposed, each with their own champions and detractors. What they decide will affect us all. But they each have their own issues to deal with, and what is more, one of them has a hidden agenda. Who is the assassin and who are they there to kill? See first draft of pilot episode here and outline of series here. I’m excited to report that it’s reached the final round of Writing Climate Pitchfest by Hollywood Climate Summit and I’ll be pitching in March 2024 to executives from companies such as NBCUniversal, Netflix, Sony Pictures, Fox Searchlight TV, Gotham Group, and others.  

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Fidel Castro My New Boyfriend/ How to Survive the 21st Century:

This began as a screenplay called ‘Fidel Castro: My New Boyfriend’ based on the true story of my trip to Cuba and putting on a musical about ‘Fidel’ – see the 5 minute video But there was too much story for one film and so I developed into a 12 part series which allowed me to develop the other characters. The theme changed to fears about the ‘end of the world as we know it’, and how we can learn solutions from other cultures. I have considered rewriting with Che Guevara as the key character instead of Fidel Castro. Draft script here.

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This is a black comedy along the lines of War of the Roses set against a society that has implemented climate solutions such as switching to a wellbeing index and personal carbon allowances.

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Green Santa

A heart-warming Christmas movie where a young boy must spend Christmas in hospital, inspiring his sister to promote the idea of Santa’s toys coming from toy hospitals rather than toy factories, leading to a cultural switch towards repair, re-use and preloved over buy new and throw away.