Habitat Man

When his accountancy firm turns down his proposal for a Costing for Nature accountancy system, Tim chucks in his job to become Habitat Man, advising how to turn gardens into habitats for wildlife. His struggle to find love, purpose and meaning are threatened when he digs up a body in the garden, one that threatens to bring out the skeletons in his cupboard too. An audio adaptation made it to the final round of the very competitive BBC radio 4 comedy slot in Dec 2023. I plan to adapt the book for a long running 30 minute TV series. Story arcs exists for five seasons plus a prequel.

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The Assassin

The Assassin was a winner of the ‘Writing Climate Pitchfest’ run by Hollywood Climate Summit and is under consideration by Hollywood producers.

It is a TV series across 3 seasons. It fuses legal/political thriller, family drama, and romance.  The tone is dramatic and warm-hearted. It follows the story of a married couple Robert Beech, Director of Public Prosecutions, and his charming, but subversive wife Mary, from their journey from pillar of the establishment to jail awaiting trial for murder. The Assassin grapples with the most pressing question of our age – what do we do when our systems are leading us to planetary destruction? A relevant comp is The Diplomat, although Mary’s playful personality gives the script a lighter tone. It is adapted from my play Murder in the Citizen’s Jury and has elements from my book (work in progress) The Retirement Project.

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Fidel Castro My New Boyfriend/ How to Survive the 21st Century 

This began as a film screenplay based on the true story of my trip to Cuba and putting on a musical about ‘Fidel’. But there was too much story for one film and so I developed into a 7-part series which allowed me to develop the other characters. The theme changed to fears about the ‘end of the world as we know it’, and how we can learn solutions from other cultures. There is little left that is autobiographical. The draft script is complete. 

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This is a black comedy along the lines of ‘War of the Roses’ set against a society that has implemented climate solutions. Its 2030 and all the climate change predictions have come true. Water is scarce, key minerals and resources have all but run out, cod and chips is now a rare treat. But with the ingenuity of humankind we survive. In fact most have never had it so good. Everyone is happy except for Professor Maxwell Blithe and his wife Dr Jane Blithe.

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Green Santa 

A warm-hearted Christmas movie, in draft form.  

Last Christmas: surrounded by non-recyclable wrapping paper and endless gifts that aren’t quite what they want, with a child’s logic the youngest asks his parents – is this still okay? The parents don’t know how to answer – they’re not sure that it is, they just know that’s how it’s always been.  

This Christmas, the young boy is ill and must spend Christmas in hospital. Santa does the rounds and tells him that toys these days come from the Toy Hospital rather than the Toy Factory. The boy helps Santa fix toys and make them better. His sister picks up on this for a school project sparking an upcycling movement towards repair and re-use. 

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This was my first full screenplay which I wrote twenty odd years ago and sent to British Screen Finance. They loved it, but then they lost their funding and merged into the Film Council and couldn’t proceed.  I left it then as it was quickly moving from being topical to being out of date, but now it can be classed as a retro piece. 

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