So, Habitat Man went on tour…

This December my book Habitat Man went on tour (well, at least virtually)! The book passed through the desks of lots of different book bloggers who read and reviewed the books. Here are a few highlights in case you missed it! I’d like to say thanks to EVERYONE that took part in the tour! – D.A. Baden

And it wasn’t just reviews, I was also lucky enough to feature as a guest blogger too. You can read my posts below:

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Check out the reviews!

Lilac Mills – read the full blog here

“I seem to be getting quite into #manlit and this is a brilliant example. Tim is fifty, single and hates his desk job. Told from his POV, the story focuses on his desperation to change his life.

He’s self deprecating, lacks confidence, is stuck in a rut, and to be honest, seems a rather boring and uninspiring person. But that’s only on the outside – as I got to know him, I alternately felt sorry for him, wanted to shake him, and wanted to give him a cuddle. But most of all, he made me want to be his friend.

This is a romance, but it’s not the main focus (although it does have a lovely HEA) – the message is to follow your dreams and take life by the scruff of the neck and give it a good shake.”

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Northern Reader – Joules Barnham – read the full blog here

“This is a book which I thought was very entertaining in its humour and hapless hero. The concept of gardening with a view to encouraging all sorts of flora and fauna was put over in a very clever way, causing me to think about my own garden. There are many funny incidents in this novel, including revelations in a composting toilet and lists of ingredients rarely seen together. There are some fascinating characters, especially Jo, who manages to keep Tim guessing as to her motives and  provides the perfect partner for his largely bewildered dialogue. This is a very good read which combines some serious points with real humour, and I recommend it as a very good contemporary novel.”

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Dash Fan Book Reviews – read the full post here

“What I really loved was the author’s passion for change and environmental awareness, the research and knowledge simply shone through.

Although it does focus a lot around conservation, ecology, nature etc… there is a Heart-warming Potential Romance along the way which ties in really nicely.

So if you are looking for a Feel-good, easy read that not only features real life important topics, it has plenty of inspiration, drama, Witty humour, Eclectic bunch of characters, and a budding romance.”

The Bookish Hermit – read the full post here

“The book is all about humans seeing a positive future ahead, perhaps something many of us need to see right now! It’s uplifting in a way that is unique and inspiring.”

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Quirky Book Reads – Read the full post here

“Habitat Man is a well thought out story that is easy to follow and hooks the reader from the first page!

I like how Baden has created an interesting plot with a great amount of research and knowledge about environmental changes and awareness. The writing style is good with a lot of advice, information and a good mixture of dialogue!

The character development of Habitat Man is good. The characters are relatable and interesting. Tim is a kind and friendly individual who after experiencing a mid-life crisis makes the decision to follow his passion and love for gardening and nature!

I would recommend reading Habitat Man to lovers of Women’s Fiction, as it is an engaging story with an inspiring and insightful look into gardening and the environment. There is drama and wit which fun and lifting!”

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Beyond the Books with Sharon Rimmelzwaan – read the full post here

“A book that has a bit of everything to make this an overall educational and truly entertaining read. Real-life issues as well as humour, quirky characters, drama, and inspiration, too. All topped off with a possibility of romance, what more could you need?”

The Tami Journal – read the full review here

“As soon as I read the blurb of this book I knew I wanted to give it a read. The cover is beautifully done and so is the book itself. I love a story that focuses on someone figuring out what they want to do with their life, working out the things and the relationships they’ve been avoiding. With that and having the book encapsulates green solutions and environmental issues was a joy to read. I got lost in this book, taking my mind off the difficulties of the day and making me feel uplifted. It was funny, insightful and a dream to read. There was a moment in the book, I twigged on who one character was to the main character before it was revealed in the last chapter but that didn’t take away my enjoyment of reading this book.”