So, Habitat Man went on tour…

This December my book Habitat Man went on tour (well, at least virtually)! The book passed through the desks of lots of different book bloggers who read and reviewed the books. Here are a few highlights in case you missed it! I’d like to say thanks to EVERYONE that took part in the tour! –

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Help choose audio clip for Audible

I have to choose a short clip of <5 minutes to accompany the audio version of Habitat Man. I’d welcome your opinions. Please listen to these below and email me at Hello@DABaden.com or leave a comment with your view. I’m so excited the audio book will be out soon, but it’s tricky choosing the right

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November: a month of podcasts

This month has been busy with podcasts and events. I was delighted to speak with Joanna Penn on the Creative Penn podcast earlier this month https://www.thecreativepenn.com/2021/11/19/writing-for-the-environment/. We talked about sustainability in the book industry, how to write eco-fiction without being preachy and the upcoming Orna Ross Green Stories novel prize coming up end of December

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Reading of chapter 35 by Prof Dave Goulson

Listen to Dave Goulson, Professor of Biology at Sussex University, founder of the BumbleBee Conservation Trust and author of numerous best sellers such as The Garden Jungle: Or Gardening to Save the Planet reading chapter 35 of Habitat Man. Caution: there are some slight spoilers.

Book Launch

On one level the book launch for Habitat Man was wonderful. I couldn’t invite as many as I’d wished due to Covid restrictions but the intimate group made for a lot of good will. I asked attendees to read out their favourite sections and in the end we had nine readings. It was a delight

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Interview on Radio Solent

My first bit of publicity for Habitat Man – 5 minutes on Radio Solent. As well as discussing Habitat Man, I also speak about the Green Stories writing competitions that I organise through the University of Southampton.

Vote for your favourite blurb

With Habitat Man due to be published at the end of this year, we’re looking at choosing a final blurb for the book. Want to help us choose? Let us know which version you prefer! Version 1 Tim is fifty, single and in a job he hates. As a result of a life-coaching session, Tim

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Feedback on opening chapters

Feel free to check out two chapters (ten pages) of the novel Habitat Man, written to  share green solutions across a wide readership to engage those who wouldn’t dream of watching a green documentary. Hope you enjoy, and please give feedback. The opening chapter is https://pageturnerawards.com/writing-award-2021/habitat-man Here is draft opening chapter of the sequel (spoiler

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